Monday, July 31, 2017

Happy Color Grey

It didn’t require a movie, to let me know there are more that a few shades of grey to find pleasure in. Even more, the fashion point of view gets me far more exited here. As a vintage style enthusiast, grey is part of the retro-colors that catches my interest, every time I want to create a silhouette à la Hitchcock heroines. A grey costume or other combination might not immediately be associated with a fresh, modern note. But fortunately, the cut and fabric can make the difference. So you might not feel glamorous in a 1990s- style mousy office suit, but feel like a movie star in a pencil skirt and matching top. Grey adds the ideal color here: It is sophisticated and low-key, which adds the perfect contrast to the details of the ensemble.
Little do people often think of the diversity that come with the color grey. It’s the stepchild of colors that always tries to get attention by fitting in and being neat, but no one seems to appreciate it.
Its broad-raging undertones though, are a variety of shades that express everything but dullness.
If you are a cooler skin type, you will likely find happiness in a stone cold, bluish grey, or even anthracite combination. While a warm type will come to life in a beigy, or sandy variables.

Another interesting fact is, that we nowadays rarely to never combine grey outfits with brown accessories. And yet, this makes the entire creation even more exiting due to a fusion of air and earth, going hand in hand as an ultra elegant pair.
Jewelry adds a further drop of chic on top. Try even a warm gold piece of junk with an icy fifties costume, and you get a million dollar look.
For the makeup, any grey ensemble provides the basis as a canvas for the painter. At any age, dipping into a few soft tones to add some freshness, or choosing a frisky red for the lips, can be the perfect finish for your grey fashion statement.
Happy grey days to you!


  1. I watched The Birds and Marnie today so I am loving this outfit!! It looks great on you!

  2. I love grey and brown together. I also like white and creams together..
    Have a wonderful day!
    God bless

  3. I love grey, so it is so nice to see it being celebrated! thank you Lily