Friday, October 27, 2017

A retro outfit in autumn colors

Although Northern Germany is not exactly known for its ‘Indian Summer’, there is no reason to avoid the colors of one of the- in my personal opinion- most beautiful seasons.
I see the black and grey jackets in the city. The used-look-jeans and sling bags, worn slantwise, as if everyone is wearing seat belts.
There is of course nothing wrong with all that, only that its simply a mishmash of dull, dark colors, when nature actually calls for some warm and shiny notes!
This means, spicy, soft and mellow tones. All in warm shades that seem to gleam at the same time.
Warmer purples, soft and olive greens, rusty reds and powdery blues.
For example, I recently enjoyed wearing a vintage swing skirt in all the beautiful fall shades, that I combines with a blouse in a warm, spicy yellow and a cardigan for the chilly afternoon.
On a sunny, almost still warm October day, it made me feel like it’s late summer again. A vintage leather purse and shoes in a matching color, completed the outfit.
The jewelry too was a mix of new and old. I wore 1950s earrings in gold and purple. The necklace in a leaf-design was a find in a costume jewelry store in New York City and one of my dearest travel souvenirs.
Even if I already can feel the harsh winter lurking just around the corner, I enjoy every fall day that allows me to beat the greyish ambiance.

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  1. A beautiful outfit! I so agree with you! I love all the warm toned colours and I wear them all through winter time! I mostly like mustard colour combinations as your blouse and when lately I found out on pinterest that you can combine this colour with grey as well! I was a happy bunny because I can combine more muted colours with vibrant ones! Last year I sewed four skirts in green, brown, muted orange and burgundy colours to match most of my tops and shirts that are mostly mustard! As you can tell mustard for me is the new black! He!he! As always a lovely post!

    1. Thank you so much! Have a lovely Sunday! <3

  2. Lily, can you recommend a search germ for finding those lovely Rnglish Country skirts or patterns? I really like the one you had with the off-center hem pleats in one of your other posts. :)

    1. Since I'm wearing vintage in most cases, it is impossible for me to suggest any labels or websites for these kind of skirts. I find most things in stores and those are of course single items, so it is often about luck, rather than recommendations:)