Saturday, November 25, 2017

French inspired sixties style

Bonjour Paris! Although my love for retro looks around the 1930s to the e50s is likely to be a never ending love story, an excursion into other decades is always fun. Recently, my love for France and the French culture has inspired me for this very easy to achieve, cozy, yet fresh look.
France with its capital Paris, has at this point a population of more than 67 million people. It became a republic in 1792, after the French revolution.
Next to the beautiful language, the wonderful food, exciting arts and more, France is also known for a beauty culture that involves natural beauty, aired with subdued elegance and classy chic.
That being said, a little color was allowed for my style, since the sixties were all about big eyes and I liked a bit of blue for this ensemble.
Another thing I love about France is the celebrated togetherness in gastronomy and culinary art and traditions. For that, the French gastronomy was even awarded by the UNESCO.
Until the mid-1800's, the French language as we know it, was merely spoken in the Paris area. Regional languages were much more common in the rest of the country.
Thinking of the always classy Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot and other icons of France, a sixties look as an homage to that era and the esprit those French ladies ooze, it’s quite fun to be a 60s madame once in a while.

Vintage outfit: Skirt with silky flower patterns, grey-blue tights, blue top, silk scarf and a Japanese vintage coat in rosy beige. The shoes are originally vintage too, from the 1960s

Subdued Makeup with semi-dramatic 60s eyes with blue eyeshadow, peachy blush and lipstick.


  1. I love the looks you put together. Such a fun way to pay homage.