Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Brooches on Coats

Pins on regular outdoor clothing could look a bit strange these days. Since many of the coats and jackets that are supposed to keep us warm during times of extreme low temperatures, are mostly looking like ski wear.
But once you’ve found a nice specimen of a vintage coat that doesn’t look like you’re preparing for a week in the alps, the time for pins has arrived. They are simply a must on a classic coat or jacket, as they are the best tool to upgrade any coat, be it ever so old and obviously used for quite some time.
Traditionally, men‘s brooches were often worn on the shoulder. Women wore theirs slightly closer to the breastplate or at the collar of a coat.
Its often ask where these little pretty items are supposed to sit; left, or right?
There is a saying: Jewelry on the left, name tag on the right. But does that apply to our modern interpretation of wearing pins?

Sure its about personal preference. What makes you feel comfortable, how you wear your hair, what kind of other jewellery are you placing and so on. Also, there might be a stain or small whole on your beloved vintage item, that clearly decides for you where to place the brooch.
For some reason, I personally wear brooches on the left and I couldn’t even explain why.
Recently, I learned that Queen Elizabeth II. does the same and so I feel quite safe in my choice of style in that department.

The tricky part is often, to push the pin through the often thick fabric, or layers, until it’s in the right position. But when that is done, you’ve not only spruced up your go-to items for winter. You’ve also created your very own look with a retro-twist, that is far from a stuffy lady-style and one of the most lovely trends that came back lately. Happy pinning!

Different pieces of jewelry - matching coloring

vintage camel hair coat, ca. 1960s / vintage 1950s leather purse / boots: former season
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  1. yeahh. i just found some brooches in a thrift store. i found a pretty white rose and a hen with different colors. it really looks pretty