Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fur Style in Winter

Faux fur jacket by QED London

Finding coats that match our idea of a retro, or at least a little glamorous look, can be pretty tricky. I know that there are times when you need to be reasonable and wear something that simply keeps you warm during extreme temperatures. But a quilted jacket is truly not my cup of tea.

To achieve a stylish, maybe even glamorous look and stay warm at the same time, fur comes sure in handy. But real fur is something I wouldn’t buy new.
So I love to at least cherish the older fur pieces of my grandmother that, I inherited.
I was often asked what I think about fur in general. it’s a controversy for sure. And for good reasons.
Although I do not have a problem with vintage fur. It is already there and there is no way to undo it.
So in my opinion, it is nice when people cherish what is existent and wear it with love.
The argument, that wearing it advertises a common acceptance is understandable, but not relevant in our society. Because if people want to wear the real thing, they’ll do so. And no one will convince them otherwise. Same the other way around: If you don’t want to wear fur, you won’t start just because you saw someone wearing a mink coat.
It’s about our personal sense for the sensitive subjects.
There are many voices that talk about today’s improved fur industry, which I honestly cannot agree with. But I hope that our conscious mind, our empathy and our gut feeling tells us what to do, to avoid more suffering in this world than already happening.
One might argue that we all need to stop eating meat, wearing leather shoes etc. and I get the discussions, but won’t engage in such. Because at the end, its again what the individual feels right with and that can’t be forced by another person’s ideals.

Fur is not a life-long item.
The longevity of fur can be quite well, as long as its stored and cared for the way it should.
But it will one day be less good enough to wear. So what to do?!
You can donate your old fur pieces to pet shelters. Or coats and jackets you want to lent go of, may find a new owner in a homeless person, that may be in an area of extreme temperatures. If the fur coats is still okay and keeps warm, there will always be a need for it. Unfortunately. But you don‘t need to throw it simply away.

I also bought fur pieces in second-hand shops or wore mine. But as for newer items, I love to rely on faux fur of different kinds. Some are less warm. Real fur of course does the trick when you’re in a temperature range of Siberia. On those days, a faux product needs to be truly good and well-made to reach the same effect. Its also often more expensive than lighter versions of fake fur.
So everyone needs to find their best way with their possibilities and cherish what we can get. To make the winter feel cozy, fun and warm.


  1. Well said once more Lilly and you look so comfortably warm and glamorous at the same time. I always enjoy watching and listening to you. Have you consider giving information about what label are the things you wear in pictures and videos. It would be a great help for us being more beginers to vintage. I find it hard to find some things such as good vintage boots, hats or other things. I feel it takes forever to find something I really like since I don't compromise for something else.
    thank you and never stop being out there. I hope you have happy Christmas holidays.

    1. Dear Dimitra, I talked about this in my video "Vintage Style Retail Try On / Chat about building a retro wardrobe + OOTD". I do give information about labels, but 'vintage' items are not available like that, since second-hand means mostly a single find. I too have to search and find things. Sometimes, labels in Germany aren't always available in other countries either. So you see, telling you about the label of a hat when its 20 or 30 years old, is counterproductive. So I will talk newer items whenever I can, but vintage will always be a question of luck and patience. :) You too have wonderful Holidays! <3

  2. Thank you for your kind reply Lilly and your wishes. I appreciate it! I remember your "try on chat" video and I can't wait for more.
    love Dimitra