Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Light and Classic Winter Makeup Routine

The freshness of winter is certainly sometimes a challenge to our skin. Especially in combination with the indoor heating, it can quickly turn into the most difficult skin-phase of the year.
My makeup routine for this particular season has changed over the years. A journey through good and less good decisions, has brought me to a safe place of applying makeup in a classic way, that still isn’t too heavy on the already stressed epidermis.
Most important though, is to prepare the skin optimally, to reduce the overall amount of used products in order to create a less ‘heavy’ look. Which is often the problem in Winter: Many women put on more layers than usually in summer time. The complexion is paler, the rings under the eyes appear much more intense and the overall feeling says “more product, please!”
At an age under 30, the result can be very forgiving. But you often can’t get away with a mask-like makeup beyond that. As great and professional the makeup might have been applied, the daylight will bring out every detail and leaves us too often with a melting or crumbling façade after some hours, that shouldn't have been created that way.
So what I am doing is, stick to my favorite retro-style routine, but with a few crucial changes.
First, I like to wash my face with lukewarm water in the morning. I only pat it half-dry and let the rest of the moisture sink in for a moment.
Moisturizing is one of the best tips I can give you to improve your makeup routine. Especially from the inside! Drink a tall glass of water, right after you woke up. And keep drinking enough water during the day. That way your skin will look plumper and fresher, since dryness is one of the big enemies of a well-looking makeup.

The next step is to use my favourite oils, to nurture my skin. In winter, I like to first apply a few drops of an argan oil-mixture and finally add some sweet almond oil that I massage in gently.
You can find my post about oils as skin care right here.

Now that I’ve waited a moment, its time to apply the foundation. I know that many recommend light products, that others unfortunately often apply in vast quantities, because it all seems to cover up too little.
Instead, I’m using a heavier foundation from the natural cosmetics brand Alverde. And only a tiny amount of the no. 10 ‘vanilla‘, that I directly apply with my clean fingers. Sponges and brushes are an option, but with the perfect mixture of products, the surface should look just fine, applying them like that.

I’m using a bit of light creamy concealer under the eye. The German brand Rival de Loop makes one that is not too colourful and creates enough freshness for my taste. Too much concealing or over- contouring, is not a good idea in my opinion. Even though its heavily advertised at the moment, to put on more than your gentle skin can handle, stronger and brighter colors of a classic makeup, will likely pop in a distorted way.

My powder of choice is a transparent mineral powder by natural cosmetics brand Lavera.
I apply it with a soft bigger brush, unlike compact powders that I usually put on with a powder puff.
But this is supposed to be an extremely light affair. The best way to keep a natural touch, is to use as little coverage as possible, to still allow the light to get a glimpse of your real skin. (There is too much anxiety caused by bigger pores out there)
To contour, I like to use a darker compact powder, if I feel like it.
The rouge is simply fresh, either in peach, or a rosy tone.

The classic eyes don’t always require much drama. I’m using a matte light beige, or champagne eye shadow and a darker, rusty tone for the crease.
I completely skip an eyeliner, or darker tone on the lower lash line. What I focus on, are the lashes. I apply a few layers of my favorite Mascara, Maybelline Volum’ Express in brown. It has a reddish undertone and helps much with my greenish eyes.

For my eyebrows, I never use anything else, than a pencil. I know, it’s THE thing nowadays, to create
bulky brows that look exactly like what they are: drawn on. And they look truly well in certain faces, but not in mine. So I’m using the Alverde pencil in 01. Blond and it works perfectly fine with nicely trimmed lighter brows.

The lipstick I am totally hooked on right now, is the Lavera organic color ‘Matt’n Red’, that has a semi-matte finish and stays on quite long. I’m also using the soft red lip liner no.3, of the same brand.
The red is right in between warm and cool, so it works perfectly fine on paler skin as well as a deeper complexion.

And that’s how easy and quick my classic-winter look goes, with affordable and light amount of products.


  1. Thank you for this post! I'll give the brands you mentioned a shot. Out of curiosity: I only encountered Rival de Loop in Rossmans (I live on Poland), is it their brand or a standalone brand?

    1. It is actually a brand made for Rossmann, I think. Thank you, I'm glad you like the post! <3

    2. Lily, I love all your videos and tips. I've been vintage 40s and 50s for most of my life. I'm 57 years old and all your updos work fabulous. As you might guess I do get the odd looks but this is who I am and after at least 20 years in feel comfortable with myself and the odd stares don't bother me. It's getting tougher as I get older, but it is my passion. You are doing a fantastic job with the videos I watch at least one a day with my tea time and feel we are friends. Thank you so much.

    3. Mrs. Hedgewitch, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comment! am so pleased to read that you enjoy my content! All the best to you. ❤

  2. I just discovered your blog and adore it! Thanks for this post, it's very helpful. I'll definitely be trying these tips.

    1. I am so pleased to hear that. Thank you, Becky! <3

  3. Ich habe die Lippenstifte von Lavera auch immer gern benutzt, bis ich bei Codecheck gelesen habe dass sie Bismuth enthalten und deshalb abgewertet werden.
    Von einer Naturkosmetikfirma hätte ich das nicht erwartet. Ich fühle mich getäuscht.

    1. Das wusste ich auch nicht. Ja, es ist sehr schwierig zu 100% verlässliche Naturkosmetik zu finden.

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  5. I enjoy your blog, I discovered you on youtube a few months ago. I've been wearing 1930s/40s clothing for about a year not knowing that its becoming a "thing" finding you was a real treat. I'm 56 years old and was struggling with thinking others might find my choices rather odd. Its been lovely finding like minded people! Thank you for your inspiring videos and blogs.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Ellen. It is such a big motivation to know that my videos and posts are enjoyed. 💗

  6. Danke für diesen tollen Artikel! Ich bin auch großer Fan der Lavera Produkte und der Lippenstifte, aber leider halten sie bei mir nicht besonders lange. Hast du da Tipps oder Tricks? Danke dir! :)

    1. Ich tupfe immer etwas Puder auf die Lippen, bevor ich die Lippenstifte anwende. <3