Sunday, December 3, 2017

My favorite ideas for last minute Christmas presents

It’s that time of the year again. When the lights are dimmed, the cozy blanket is draped on the sofa and here and there the scent of sweet bakery delights the nose.
It’s also the time of pure hysteria, mini-nervous breakdowns, hustling, over-consuming, over-eating and fighting about nonsense.

Christmas always arrives very suddenly and unpredicted.

Children feel those butterflies in their stomach when impatiently waiting for Santa to arrive.
I remember that excitement vividly and with joy. Grown-ups though, often panic already when the first ads on TV announce the inevitable. The phase in life that gets your blood pressure boiling and pushes your bank account towards nirvana.
Finding a last minute present for someone you truly like and don’t want to disappoint, by giving them a coupon for a facial (please don’t), is one of the tougher ones to deal with.
Finding something for someone who never seems to need anything, is certainly a reason to recourse to a voucher.
But let’s say this particular person is someone who could absolutely use something nice. It should also obviously come from the heart, as well as be thoughtful and affordable.

I’ve relied on a few ideas in the past, that have not been a total disaster and sincerely delighted the presentee. First of all we want to know: What are the interests and passions of the person Santa is going to endow in your name?
Everyone has an interest in something. Sometimes its obvious, other times you have to dig deeper.
A friend of mine seemed to be one of the tougher cookies with no particular passion for anything she didn’t have already. But she loved Downton Abbey.
So, at one point it might look thoughtless or superficial, but the truth is, we all enjoy things more when they really give us something in everyday life.

And what about kids and pets?

If you’re dealing with a person who is a parent to a child or a fur baby, you might want to think about a little basket of baby food. Maybe even homemade? Think of “Country Baby”, the hit food in movie Baby Boom. For a pet, the basket could contain yummy treats, toys, or a chew bone.
Just don’t confuse theses two.

When the person is not a big, or a picky reader

What about their passion in form of colourful coffee table books?

A novel is a wonderful gift, but the truth is:  When you’re not entirely sure that the story or the particular author positively strikes a chord in the reader, its likely going to end up deep down in the dark woods of a book shelf.
On the other hand, when the book is not asking for a lot of attention, but just presents a beautiful collection of the person’s interests, it may be exactly what raises a smile from the one you want to please.

DIY gifts and the ugly truth

I know, do-it-yourself gifts are personal. They come from the heart, or at least emerge from pure desperation when no stone has been left unturned. But let’s be honest: A necklace made of dried fruits or a self-stapled pillow case from a sweater, is likely going to be a challenge for the friendship.
If you however decide to go for such a present, go for the simpler ideas, but make it right.
You could get beautiful jars, or glass bottles with a pretty shape and form, or color. Then you recreate them to bath-goodies that are filled with bath-additives.
Also ornaments of all kinds can be beautifully made. But maybe you want to go for decoration items that can be used over the year, such as something light for summertime.

Vintage items

This one can be difficult, since many old items in good condition, can have their price. So if we’re going for a very affordable idea, we could look for a wallet, or a pretty purse. An old silk scarf can be a beautiful present. As well as a vintage frame, big or small, that the person can maybe use for their dear photo-memories.

Finally, an unconventional gift-idea

USB sticks. Yes, you’ve read it right.
Think about a fun stick in a nice color or a simple one. Put the most precious photo-memories you have with this person on it. Or you might want to store some music. It could also be interesting internet articles and websites the person might enjoy. There are a lot of things and inspiration you can give in form of that one. And after all, they can use the stick itself over and over again.

So, what do you think? Is it really worth flipping out, or should we spend this time of the year with a little less fear and a little more humour and love? I think that would be nice.
To all of you, I hope you’ll have a beautiful December and holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, or not. Be happy, healthy and wise! (Don’t make your friend think they need a facial)

Nice wrapping makes everything more appealing. I love little boxes and bags.
Coffeetable books
USB stick in form of a little Santa
Dress by Paul Costelloe


  1. A very timely article, and you look even more gorgeous than usual in that dress! :)

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  3. The pictures look lovely ... i already tried the self stapled pillow case and now i am considering the necklace (i think i am going to loose that friend soon hihi ;)

    1. Hahaha! Yes, but your friend may have a good sense of humour and actually like it! ❤️