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 >> Brooches on Coats 



Pins on regular outdoor clothing could look a bit strange these days. Since many of the coats and jackets that are supposed to keep us warm during times of extreme low temperatures, are mostly looking like ski wear. Read more...

>> Fur Style in Winter




Finding coats that match our idea of a retro, or at least a little glamorous look, can be pretty tricky. I know that there are times when you need to be reasonable and wear something that simply keeps you warm during extreme temperatures. Read more...



>> A Flower Dress in Winter


Shopping while it’s cold and damp outside always means to comb through racks and stands full of clothes in black and grey. Light black, deep black, mousy grey, stone grey. And while I love these shades too, it’s not exactly uplifting to spend and entire (and in Germany quite long) period of winter... read more







>> French inpired sixties style



Bonjour Paris! Although my love for retro looks around the 1930s to the e50s is likely to be a never ending love story, an excursion into other decades is always fun. Recently, my love for France and the French culture has inspired me for this very easy to achieve, cozy, yet fresh look... read more

>> The Comeback of Hats



As a fashion accessory, hats have become one of the trickier options, for men as much as for women. It’s widely considered to be a rather eccentric part of the package we call outfit.
In spite of that, I thnk hats should expereince a comeback...

>> Vintage Country Style


Growing up in a farm town near the Baltic Sea in Germany, was an experience full of adventures, created by us kids in our own little cosmos.To ths day, enjoy wearing a true vintage farm-look when at the coutry side...

>> Why Not Dress Like Adults?


My thoughts on the question why we are limiting ourselves to wearing clothes that are supposed to make us appear younger, instead of looking like adults and being proud of it.

>> A Rainy Day Sixties Style



This autumn starts quite stormy in Germany, which requires the vintage gal to be prepared for a few more days (and months) of rougher walks through the parks...

>> Unconventionally Retro



Meet Miss Meadows - stylewise. With this Movie-inspired look I explored a different kind of unconventinally retro infuenced look. And I loved it!

>>Culturally inspired Makeup and Style

When you can’t go on a journey to explore other countries every week, which would be my personal ideal, you may tend to find other ways to travel in mind. You can either read a book, listen to foreign music, cook a respective meal, or play with style options the world provides...

>> African Inspired Retro Style


It doesn’t take much to feel inspired by the cultural diversity and breathtaking landscapes, to create one’s very own style. Although it is of course impossible, to include all aspects of the many cultures and traditional looks of Africa, one can still dream of the continent while embracing a look and feel, that reminds us just a little, of an and warm region, giant animals and the sunset over red soils...

>> Happy Color Grey



It didn’t require a movie, to let me know there are more that a few shades of grey to find pleasure in. Even more, the fashion point of view gets me far more exited here. As a vintage style enthusiast, grey is part of the retro-colors that catches my interest, every time I want to create a silhouette à la Hitchcock heroines.

>> The lost habit of wearing dressing gowns



Every morning, when I prepare the breakfast, cuddle the cat, check my emails, I do all this in a very old fashioned manner: I’m wearing a dressing gown. And only when it’s time to get dressed and leave the house, I feel the need to take it off...

>> Asian Inspired Retro Makeup and Style


A new addition to my video series about world makeup and style, inspired my different cultures, is the Asian inspired retro style. As the biggest continent, Asia would be impossible to reflect in a single look. So I was focusing on typical style components of- for example- China, Japan, Thailand or Indonesia to inspire me here. Also, I combined style elements of the 1930s up to the 1950s for this retro-mix. Asia is so large, that it takes up a third of the entire world’s land area.

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