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>> Holiday snacks and treats that won't make you feel guilty

I’m a big snacker, always was, likely always will be. Holiday season is a special challenge to me when the days get colder, and the evenings cozyer. The big question is: What treats won’t make me feel super guilty after consuming? Read more...

>> Cranberry Shortbread Cookies with Honey 


One of my favorite recipes around the Holidays: Cranberry shortbread cookies with honey, instead of sugar.The creamier texture while mixing the ingredients is already much nicer than the sugar-version.
I personally prefer these over typical Christmas cookies with refined or other artificial sugars. 


Fall Recipe:

>> Apple Cinnamon Quark Rolls 



Whether you like some sweet or less sweetened bakery... these apple cinnamon quark rolls can be made just to your taste and they are quick and easy!


>> How I fell in love with Masala Chai


Since it has become sort of a ritual, that I enjoy a cup of masala chai while working at the computer, I thought it would be only appropriate to open my blog with a recipe for this tea.
Spicy, yet mild, it tastes, smells and feels like a warm blanket, that unfolds with every sip...

>> Living Sugar-Free



Sugar is sweet. It even sounds cute! It’s innocence is questioned regularly though.
I always knew that since my mom explained to me that refined sugar is not a salutary crystal, and my body not it‘s den. But when it came down to loyalty, I was always there for sugar. How could I ignore a brownie right next to my cup of coffee!


>> Oven-roasted vegetables with rosemary and sesame



If there is a simple recipe for a side dish that compliments almost any meal, its oven veggies. Even the most unmotivated cook will find this one extremely easy.
My version of this well-known recipe is a personal favorite, which includes crispy potatoes, soft tomatoes, zucchini and sweet pepper that is firm to the bite...

>> Superfood Pomegranate



Based on excavations of the early Bronze Age, it is believed that the pomegranate was one of the first cultivated fruits. Aside from the great taste and wonderful color, it has inflammatory effects, which is one of the reasons I put this little sweetheart antioxidant on my personal top-list of ‘superfoods‘.


  1. I like to make my own chai as well, although I tend to substitute Rooibos for the black tea. I also put in the Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Star Anise, and Red Peppercorn instead of the Black variety. I have to agree that it is enjoyable to make on your own.

    1. That sounds like a really tasty mixture as well. I will try that one too!

  2. Hi Lily :) I love masala! I would just recommend to boil the tea with added milk not just for a few seconds but until it almost "runs out of the pot" :) I think it can change the taste and kind of "caramelize" the milk ;)