>> Literature and Poetry

Oscar Wilde once said: “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” I stumbled over this quote and realized how many books I actually want to read again. Read more...

>> My favorite ideas for last minute Christmas presents


I’ve relied on a few ideas in the past, that have not been a total disaster and sincerely delighted the presentee. First of all we want to know: What are the interests and passions of the person Santa is going to endow in your name?


>> A Walk in the woods and why I quit running 


One thing I love about this fresh season, is to calm down on a walk through the woods and inhale all the beauty that fall delivers on a golden platter.
While jogging, I used to focus on a thousand other things instead of just letting my mind wander.

 >> Vintage Afternoon Tea  



Read about my vintage afteroon tea time, that I enjoy with different kinds of yummy snacks. Including the recipe for cinnamon, apple, curd rolls!

>> A Vintage Coffee Time



We think of a special occasion, or a long gone time when folks enjoyed a hot drink in a picturesque scenery. Our modern day coffee break though, is often as idyllic as drinking champagne while waiting at a bus station. Here is my idea of a proper coffee break!

 >> The Obscure Charm of Flea Markets


In the thick of the fry, a flea market visit can become a little overwhelming. At least when the weather is nice, the amount of people itself can lead to one or two stressing conditions. Here are some of my impressions...


>> A Nostalgic Sunday


Visiting places of my childhood, is a beautiful way to spend a weekend, I think. I rediscovered spots and relived a few vivid memories that are very special to me. Next to that, I had the right outfit and purely enjoyed the sun and summer feeling in a small town in Northern Germany.

>> My favorite Blogs

These ladies are absolutely inspiring, beautiful and full of passion and knowledge. I am sure- if you don’t already know them- you will just a quickly get hooked on these lovely blogs>>


  1. For me, it is a way of life... being self-employed might help, as I get to enjoy my home and my special moments. These are not a luxury. I find them invigorating. They are indeed a necessity. We need beauty in our lives.

  2. Oh, I am so glad to find you have started blogging! <3