Monday, October 16, 2017

The Rich Simplicity of Oils for Beautiful Skin

For many years, I used to rely on creams, lotions and fluids of all kinds and in all price ranges. Due to my skin disease, Psoriasis, I threw away half of the products over time, after noticing a change for the worse. The other half was as well stripped-down to a minimum of a moisturizer and occasionally a vitamin E capsule.
Oils were usually something that was either included in on of these products, or simply not the very first on my list of required ingredients. Since I‘ve learned early on, that oils cover the face like a blanket, make it incapable to ‚breathe‘, and cause breakouts. Now, I am one of the people who only has to look at a jar of skin cream and my epidermis seems to get highly emotional.
The use of foundation has been an interesting journey as well- to put it mildly- so I had to learn the hard way, that I‘ve learned a lot about skin, but not much about my own.
And that is where the illumination begins.
We don’t just all have different skin types, like dry, oily and so on. We all have different genes, lives, levels of stress to deal with, diets, health issues and live in different climates.
Yet, every week there is a new skin product globally hyped as the new holy grail of ointments, that allegedly frees us from the ongoing cycle of breakouts, patches and other unwanted skin attractions. I sure can understand these trends with clothes and other items. But when it comes to the individuality of our skin, it is simply counterproductive to believe or even claim that one solution applies to all. We don’t even stumble over this issue early, because there are enough waymarkers on the products that guide us to the lifting, boosting, filling, tightening, cleaning results we desire. And please don’t get me wrong, some of them are really good. They do their job perfectly on many people and I did come across a few products myself, that I would buy again any time. But the jungle of skin care products has become too difficult to cut across, without a little more knowledge about ones very own skin.
So I’ve decided to temporarily forget about everything I’ve ever heard about oils as a breakout-guarantor, and first gave coconut oil a try. My face wasn’t as delighted as the rest of my body. The moisturizing effects were better than expected, but my face area still tended to show a few impurities. For others, it works beautifully on the face too. (See, individuality)
As a body oil- including neck and chest- it worked wonders. It was soothed from the very first week I applied it on the red, sore psoriasis patches, kept me from scratching and made my skin finally feel soft again.
I blame the alcohol in some of the body lotions I had used previously, for the always tender and way too dry skin. That problem is now a thing of the past.
After weeks of research, I’ve decided to give pure, sweet almond oil a try and used it generously on my face at night. After I’ve cleaned my face with a cleansing milk, warm water and- attention- coconut oil(!) with a washcloth, I massage it into the still dampish skin and the result is amazing until this day.
My skin looks tighter, the impurities seem to have gotten tired of turning my face into a dance floor, plus my pores are smaller. Which gives altogether the impression of a much better skin than I’ve ever had. Since I had my oil-epiphany, I as well use the almond oil in the morning, after cleaning my face with water. I let it set for the time I have breakfast and then apply my makeup.
On top of all that, it is a good feeling to know that there is no animal testing or usage of animal products involved. Which is to me personally, a very nice aspect.
The simplicity of this beauty regimen is mind-boggling to me, since I always thought it takes a ton of (pricey) products to keep my skin from flipping out. But even when I am an advocate of glamour- in this case, less is truly more.
Preparing my skin for the harsh winter makes me feel more secure when I’m going on my usual long walks on the beach. Knowing, that my skin is protected by the oils.
During winter, I like to add a drop of wheat germ oil at night with the almond oil, for that extra vitamin treat.
As one of the many people with a beauty- Youtube-channel, I am extremely cautious about suggesting products to my viewers. Simply because I don’t know if it could work for others too. (The one-solution-may-not-be-for-all-scenario)
But, what I hope is, that everyone who struggles to find their right products for several skin issues, might open their mind for simplicity and tries, that may not stand in every beauty book. As long as it is pure and natural, like oils, and even organic, it might be worth trying it. Even if it's just for a while, to give the skin a break from dealing with too much product.
Brands are of course different in many countries, but it is sure no problem to find oil, without any
My personal favorites are the Bergland Mandelöl, the Kneipp Mandelblüten Hautzart, the native vegan Kokosöl DM (drugstore) and the Wheatgerm Lipigran Weizenkeimöl by Dr. Grandel.

Organic Coconut Oil
- contains fatty acids (medium chain triglycerides)
- firm texture that melts at 24 °C (76 °F) and quickly in the hand.
- easily seeps into the skin pores.
- takes a little while to be absorbed. Leaves a soft and very reserved scent of coconut.
- is a great makeup remover
- is allegedly a mild sunscreen, which has not been verified in studies as far as I know.

Organic Sweet Almond Oil
- liquid oil texture
- is rich of vitamin E, zinc, fatty acids, proteins and minerals
- is a mild hypoallergenic oil
- easily penetrates deeply into the skin
- helps with blackheads
- may help with acne
- helps with dark under eye circles
- brings relief with eczema / proriasis

Wheat Germ Oil
- liquid oil texture, yellow color
- effective moisturizer
- contains vitamin A, vitamin D, B vitamins and antioxidants


  1. Hi Lily :)

    Thank you for this post, it was really interesting ! I like to use oils mixed with some aloe gel (and more recently, some linseed gel), it makes a nice emulsion that can be used either on its own or underneath a cream. I also adore them to remove makeup, I've never used something as effecient as them.

    My favorites so far are castor oil (horribly thick, but works wonders), hemp, sesame and nigella oil :) I like coconut oil too, but not on my face, as it gives me pimples (but it works super great for oil pulling)

    1. Thank you for sharing! I like linseed gel too! <3

  2. I remember watching a video of yours a while back were you discussed these oils for your face. While coconut oil does not work for me personally (I find it clogs my pores!) , I went to my local health store and purchased rose water and sweet almond oil. (The almond oil was under 20 CAD for a litre which I predict will last over a year)
    After using these oils, I have yet to return to any other kind of skin care products or routine! I like the almond oil in the morning on an uncleansed face as a base for makeup, or at night for a heavy moisture feel. While I still use my regular moisturizer for a bare face look (to avoid that oily glow) , the rose water is a better makeup remover then ANYTHING I've ever used. Plus it just feels amazing.
    love love love this routine and it is completely customizable. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  3. Hello there im from France (so escuse my poor english haha).
    I loved this blogpost ! Iam a lover of oil too and i use it everyday in my skin care. I did many research on in and my favorites oils for my dry skin and hair that i can recommand is :
    -Hemp oil (for redness)
    -Grapseed oil ( for breakouts)
    -broccoli oil ( for super shiny and soft hair !)

    Thank you for your sharing, have a nice day
    Blue Althea

    1. That sounds great, thank you for sharing your tips. <3

  4. Wonderful topic! I myself have oily/combination skin and can only recommend oils for skincare - don't be afraid! Since I discovered the Primavera range of oils (as well as essential oils, which I occasionally mix in) I'm hooked. Coconut (from Amanprana), almond and Jojoba, as well as rosehip oils are my favourite! Never had such a healthy looking and clear skin, glowy, but not greasy (use sparsely, of course). I do love to put a healthy dollop of coconut into my bath, you leave it already moisturized.

    For my hear I do like to mix Jojoba oil with essential Vanilla oil or peppermint in the summer, just in the lengths of the hair, a perfect "perfume", which does a lot of goodness.

    The deodorant idea is intriguing, will try! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing... The idea for the summer-mix is just wonderful! Will try it too! <3

  5. You are absolutely right every person's skin has its own needs and responds differently to a variety of lotions and potions! I realised this too when I had bad skin allergies due to 'chemical-based' products, four years ago! I even read the ingredients on organic and plant based products I use, in case of any hidden ingredient in there that will cause me an allergic reaction! I think is a good idea to try and if pleased to use different kinds of oils, which do not have any additives. I love coconut oil for summer time on face body and hair especially after a day in the sea! It seems to be very nourishing on my skin! I also make my own eye cream with different oils because I am dry around the eye area and my thin wrinkles show a lot! So, I combine coconut oil,shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E; this combination really helped my skin. I also like to use shea butter in winter time as a night cream on hands and face but not every night, I do that twice a week so my skin will not have any breakouts because is a thick oil. The rest of the nights I clean my skin and I spray it with pure rose water! And this routine haw helped me a lot!

  6. I so agree, especially in winter shea butter gives a wonderful extra care. The combination with oils and Vitamin E really works. I've made the same positive experience. <3

  7. I’m just catching up, but if I’m understanding correctly, a basic routine is cleansing milk, then rose water, and then an oil? I’m loved g all the info!

    1. Yes, that's exactly right. Although I also sometimes use apple cider vinegar instead of rose water, when I'm dealing with impurities. :)