Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Flower Dress in Winter

Shopping while it’s cold and damp outside always means to comb through racks and stands full of clothes in black and grey. Light black, deep black, mousy grey, stone grey. And while I love these shades too, it’s not exactly uplifting to spend and entire (and in Germany quite long) period of winter.
I was truly overjoyed to come across a few retail items recently, that makes the greyish soup out there much more spicy to me. One of them is my new dress from H&M that delights with lovely colors and a cozy wearing comfort. I get my retro-feeling and yet am I able to combine black tights, my vintage coat, plus even  my old and dear wool cap with it!
All in one this is one of my go to outfits for an everyday-elegant and fun look these days.  

Vintage purse in matching color

Saturday, November 25, 2017

French inspired sixties style

Bonjour Paris! Although my love for retro looks around the 1930s to the e50s is likely to be a never ending love story, an excursion into other decades is always fun. Recently, my love for France and the French culture has inspired me for this very easy to achieve, cozy, yet fresh look.
France with its capital Paris, has at this point a population of more than 67 million people. It became a republic in 1792, after the French revolution.
Next to the beautiful language, the wonderful food, exciting arts and more, France is also known for a beauty culture that involves natural beauty, aired with subdued elegance and classy chic.
That being said, a little color was allowed for my style, since the sixties were all about big eyes and I liked a bit of blue for this ensemble.
Another thing I love about France is the celebrated togetherness in gastronomy and culinary art and traditions. For that, the French gastronomy was even awarded by the UNESCO.
Until the mid-1800's, the French language as we know it, was merely spoken in the Paris area. Regional languages were much more common in the rest of the country.
Thinking of the always classy Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot and other icons of France, a sixties look as an homage to that era and the esprit those French ladies ooze, it’s quite fun to be a 60s madame once in a while.

Vintage outfit: Skirt with silky flower patterns, grey-blue tights, blue top, silk scarf and a Japanese vintage coat in rosy beige. The shoes are originally vintage too, from the 1960s

Subdued Makeup with semi-dramatic 60s eyes with blue eyeshadow, peachy blush and lipstick.

Friday, November 17, 2017

A walk in the woods and why I quit running

A girlfriend recently told me that she doesn’t like to go for walks, because it doesn’t seem to make as much sense as using the time for sports. Like Yoga, or runs.
At least- as she said- there should be some action. Some muscle training, sweat and exhaustion. Otherwise you’re just shuffling around with no serious ambition.
I beg to differ. One thing I love about this fresh season, is to calm down on a walk through the woods and inhale all the beauty that fall delivers on a golden platter.
While jogging, I used to focus on a thousand other things instead of just letting my mind wander.
The correct cycle of breathing, the speed- to avoid stitches. The ground, to avoid a broken ankle.
I know how people who run frequently, praise the benefits of jogging. But I never truly felt that it was the right thing for me. Sometimes it was impossible to place my foots exactly right, so I wouldn’t suffer from pain either in my knees, or shins. (The latter is a real joy, once it’s permanent.)

Walking, on the other hand, is beneficial in several ways to me:
My breathing cycle completely is in line with my movements. The mind wanders, the eye catches the details surrounding me. And the walk becomes a meditative journey.
Even scientists have recently found out, that walking might be actually healthier and can improve your longevity, more that intense jogging and overly exhausting exercise can.
To me, that was almost a no-brainer, since I don’t believe that a too extreme workout regimen is good for the heart either. Researchers at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign found that a regularly too intense activity increases levels of certain inflammatory proteins that can allow viruses to thrive.
That explained to me why I might have been catching a cold very easily and more often during long periods of prolonged exercises.
Also the common belief that increased weight loss is a safe result due to intense sports, seems to be outdated as well.
You could work the heck out of your body while sticking to a bad diet, and not much would happen. 

For the record: I would never say that running in general is bad. For some people, it‘s the best workout and they feel perfectly fine and healthy.
Exercise are vital for a healthy life and there is no way around it, if you really want to keep up a healthy lifestyle.
Generally though, I guess there is no such thing as a perfect workout for everyone.
We sometimes have to adjust our methods, and exercise the way our body thrives on the movements. Not punish ourselves for that one cookie too much.
A healthy way of exercising means to me, a healthy way of thinking too. Be gentle with your body, so you can still enjoy sports without the ultimate exhaustion, that sure isn‘t always a sign for the healthiest way.
I will do some Yoga this week, since rain is expected for a few days. And when the sun visits us again, I‘m out for the next walk. Wandering towards a happy place, physically and mentally.

Entire outfit: True vintage 1950s-1960s

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Why not dress like adults?

Once upon a time (don‘t you just love that phrase), there were women in costumes with matching purses, gloves and pumps; just pretty enough for the touch of elegance, yet comfortable during the day. Men dressed in suits, topped off by stylish hats and coats. Or enjoyed wearing the occasional Hawaiian shirt. And there were the children. Distinguishably dressed in neat children’s clothes and sometimes the cute weekend-dresses.
Fast forward to 2017.
The question of whether or not someone should dress ‘age-appropriate’ does not only seem to vanish. The sheer thought of perhaps looking too old in an ensemble, almost solely influences the choice of style.
Not that women and men haven’t ask themselves, or others these questions before.
“Honey, do I look bigger in this skirt”, or “Darling, the brown suit makes me look like my own father”, was sure occasionally brought to the table.
But there is very little to no evidence, that people tried to emulate the looks of children to the degree it happens now. Every decade, changes occur. Sometimes trends emerge from protesting a societal guideline, sometimes they seem to pop up like another coffee shop. And at one point, becoming child-like has started a style evolution that raised to a disturbing level.
We all know that the beauty industry never gets tired of explaining to us, why a few more wrinkles could mean the end of the world. It’s obvious; it’s an old hat. We try to resist and yet treat ourselves with overpriced creams.
But what about the fashion industry that is apparently not on the boat with women and men who don’t see aging as their worst nightmare?
I recently stumbled into a shop and went through a pile of pants that appeared to be made for twelve year olds, when a salesgirl suddenly told me I’d look much younger with a shorter dress, instead of the pencil skirt I was wearing.
The big question I’d like to ask anybody who carries the burden of telling other people without warning, how they could look younger (less makeup, different hair etc.) is: Why am I supposed to CARE if I look older?!

Because I don’t. Seriously. I want to look colourful, or fun. Interesting, elegant or ladylike. Competent or neat. But the desire to look many years younger than my age, seems like such a waste of time and energy.
The struggle of trying to squeeze another year of youth out of squeezing myself into skinny jeans and nude makeup, can be tiring and is ultimately not worth pursuing.
Because not getting older means no progress. No liberation. No journey.
It means to follow a group of people that you’ve already passed. It means you’re telling younger folks constantly, that getting older is a negative development and the cure for that is to dress like a toddler. Put on fun things like bobble caps, windcheaters that look too tight, and accumulate a collection of t-shirts with hollow slogans on them. If you want to round up the picture, just talk like someone who hasn’t yet been in the third grade yet and you may come across a bit stupid, but definitely younger.
Items that look cute on a sixteen year old, doesn’t necessarily have the same effect on a woman of forty. It’s like putting on a too small blouse in order to look thinner.
It doesn’t work.
One crucial element gets lost in these playground- looks: The pride in getting older. You made another year and another one. A privilege, even in this time and age. Denied to too many. And a treasure to cherish.
I am not a little girl anymore and I am happy about that. When I see young children, I hope they’re happy at this time in their lives. And I hope they’ll one day know, that aging may be a challenge, but there is no shame in it. Dress like a grown-up and enjoy the ride.

Winterstyle with 1960s jacket and skirt

Monday, November 6, 2017

My favorite blogs

I’ve recently started combing through the jungle of blogs out there- as I am usually more familiar with youtubers- and thought it was about time to post some inspirational work in written word: Today I’d like to share a small but sure growing list of my favorites. The ladies are absolutely inspiring, beautiful and full of passion and knowledge. I am sure- if you don’t already know them- you will just a quickly get hooked on these lovely blogs:

Inspiring blogs I love